Cluster area of advanced safety and defence technology

Cluster World Congress

Cluster World Congress is the industry event for the international clustered environment. This is the first time that the world will witness such a big and thematically oriented clusters meeting.

Cluster World Congress is an unprecedented global event focused on Polish and foreign clusters, in particular with regard to the possibility of combining their potential, in order to facilitate the developmentof the local and global economy.

The aim of the Congress is to create a communication plane, allowing a dialogue between market education, employment and business and alsoprovide participants with technical and practical knowledge about the clusters and to promote their ideas.

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Technology cluster appointment

On the 3 July 2014 in the Senate Hall of Silesian University of Technology an agreement was signed which brought into existence a technological cluster named Area of Advanced Safety and Defence Technologies. On behalf of the Silesian University of Technology the agreement was signed by Rector Andrzej Karbownik. The coordinator and initiator of a newly created platform of cooperation is the Silesian University of Technology.

Apart from the Silesian University of Technology twelve schools of higher education got involved in it along with scientific institutes, research and development centers, factories and other military connected units.That made 36 units altogether.

The main goal of the cluster is to ensure Poland a solid position on the international market of military industry as a full partner and center of technological ideas, scientific research and industrial production. Cluster’s activity will focus on development of dual-use and defence technologies connected with new systems of armament destined to land troops and safety of a country.

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